bronze sculpture of a woman's headAnother Luminarias sculpture, though this one wasn’t really that interesting.

Tuesday at work, one of the internal boxes had some sort of runaway process on it that disrupted a bunch of stuff for about 10 minutes. We got it under control, but it was a little nerve-wracking.

Trivia: We were sitting in a totally different spot than we usually sit at. John had sent out a text to everyone to tell them this, but he didn’t remember that there were 2 people named “Matt” in his phone’s address book. So I didn’t get the message. I found everyone anyway. And heard about various things that are going on, like Spencer getting fired (never did get the full story on that), some clandestine weirdness involving Thanksmas, probably held on Jan. 2, and something about Nathan’s birthday being celebrated on the 18th. Also, Zach traded his AR-15 for a stainless Taurus 66 7-shot .357 and a .270 rifle with a hair trigger. I’m not sure why he did that, but whatever. If the Sunday range day thing happens, I should get to try both of those out and see what they’re like. We ended up getting second place, which was OK. There was a weirdly phrased question about a metaphor that I managed to get, and a sports question that Zach somehow knew the answer to, but we missed a few questions about music and movies.