giraffes eating at a feeder at the Phoenix ZooTuesday, John S. flew in from Detroit. This should’ve been a lot easier than it was, but I wasn’t paying attention when I looked at the itinerary, and I thought he was flying on Northworst. So after finally finding out which terminal he was in, I managed to pick him up and ferry his stuff over to my condo. It only took 2 phone calls and a lot of waiting around due to airline delays.

So, we caught up on each other’s lives, got some more food, and tried to plan stuff out for later in the week.  This didn’t work out that well, because nobody knows what’s going on. Then we had leftovers for dinner.

Trivia was next. Just about everyone but Trevor was there. Most everyone had had a good Christmas, but Miguel isn’t going to be in town on Jan. 2. This annoys a few of us. I’m just glad that we’ve decided on a restaurant and there might not be any stupid drama. However, we screwed up the last question in trivia, so we lost. This was annoying but not fatal. We also won 2 Suns tickets for the Jan. 11 game, but it looked like nobody wanted to go. I work near the arena downtown, so I said, “If nobody else wants to go, I’ll go.” Nathan also wanted to go, so I might get to see the game with him in 2 weeks.

No idea what we’re doing tomorrow. I don’t think anyone had any concrete plans for New Year’s Eve, either. Ah well, we’ll figure something out.