Taurus model 65 revolverSunday, the big excitement was getting together with Zach, Nacho, and Jason at the Casa Grande rifle range. I think everyone and their brother was out there that morning. There weren’t a lot of free benches. Only Jason had remembered to bring boxes and targets to staple to those boxes. I had a box, but nothing to staple to it. I reminded Zach to bring the staple gun, at least.

So, with too few targets for close range, I spent some time shooting at the 300-yard gong with my Saiga. Then tried Zach’s new pump-action shotgun, which is a little different because it only has one sight blade, not two like most guns. (It’s meant for close range, so it really only needs one.) When we set up another target at 50 feet, I got out my Taurus revolver and attempted to shoot that target. At least that was the plan. Somehow, I managed to push something on the revolver, and the cylinder, ejector, and hinge all fell out before I had put any rounds into the cylinder. We all looked at it, and figured that somewhere, a small part was missing. After we reassembled it, I put several cylinders of .38 and .357 into the target without any problem at all. I was unable to reproduce the malfunction later on in a more controlled setting.  *sigh*

Then I tried Nacho’s 9×18 Makarov. That’s an interesting little pistol, but it has a seriously horrible magazine release. Those pistols were apparently designed more as decorative accessories than as combat weapons, so a few details were lacking. It was also kind of hard to load rounds into the mag, but I figured that out after a little effort.

Zach’s latest rifle was a .270 bolt-action with a custom trigger. The pull on it was really, really light, even lighter than my revolver with the hammer cocked. Everything about the rifle was very nice, but I don’t know that I’d want something with such a touchy trigger. I also found out that Jason’s .45 was from Norinco. I thought it was a more name-brand pistol, but I was wrong. Maybe the off-brandedness is why it occasionally ejects brass right at the user’s face instead of up and to the right.

We had lunch at Chili’s, as is our tradition. Something must’ve put Jason off his feed as he barely ate any lunch. We were making various off-color “yo momma” jokes, and someone talked about a BASE jumper near Casa Grande who hit a live wire and died. Hm.

Drove back home, did the less fun part of shooting guns (cleaning guns), ate some of the leftovers, and petted Fuzzball.