otter sleeping next to plastic ballHere we see an otter sleeping next to a plastic ball.

So on Friday, we all got together and had Christmas. Lots of presents, including one that I was totally not expecting: A copy of The Impossible Bird, signed by the author. Apparently, it was available from a used book dealer for $1. I don’t get that. It wasn’t a very popular book, and the author is not well known, but signed books usually fetch more than $1. Right? Right? Oh well. There were a lot of books, music, and video games under the tree for everyone this year. We tried to put Christmas ribbon around Fuzzball’s neck, but she was not amused by that.

The afternoon was mostly devoted to making dinner. We had turducken breast, red beans and rice, bread, salad, and a nice Pinot Noir. And as we were putting the huge amounts of leftovers in the fridge, I got 3 text messages in rapid succession. I thought it was something horrible happening at work. It wasn’t. 2 of them were someone telling us to watch out for increased security at the airport thanks to the @#$% who attempted to set off a bomb on a Delta flight on the 25th. The parents are flying out on the morning of the 27th, so this may cause some hassle for them. The last one was a “Merry Christmas!” message from someone who isn’t in my cellphone’s phone book. Work was fine. Good thing.