very tired otter yawningThursday, we all went to the zoo, where we saw this little guy, a couple of other otters, and a ton of other critters. That was pretty good. More pictures from that zoo trip will be showing up later. The only real downside was that when we were eating lunch, a bird voided its bowels on my mother. It was also too cold for the Komodo dragons to be out while we were there.

So after that, we decided to go out to dinner. And the restaurant we decided to go to was closed. “Where do we go now?” “Roughly 1 mile north, there are 3 restaurants. One of them should be open.” So we ended up at Miele’s, mostly because it was there and open and I had read a good review of it. That was probably a good idea. We had various kinds of ravioli and pasta, wine, and espresso, there was enough to take home, and it was all tasty. Practically everything is made from scratch there, so it took a bit longer, but the place obviously has a reputation. There was barely an empty table in it, even on Christmas Eve when fewer people than usual are going out.