Darlin' dressed as a lobsterDarlin’, dressed up as a lobster. The mind boggles. Well, maybe it doesn’t.

Nobody was up for doing anything strenuous on Wednesday, so we all went to see “Avatar”. If you’ve been reading movie reviews, you’ll know it’s a very pretty, completely sanitized Noble Savage myth. In reality, people who live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle are fractious, constantly getting in fights with whoever they’re near, and totally willing to sell out anybody they can reach for Miller Lite, trade trinkets, and air conditioning. The visuals are great. It’s too bad the story is mostly a steaming pile of fetid dingo’s kidneys. Oh well. A realistic story about a bunch of primitive aliens fighting a bunch of humans with helicopters and machine guns would have been much less pretty, no matter how many pterodactyl vs. helicopter fights happened.

So the zoo plans got pushed back to Thursday, which is probably OK.