bunny in coffee cupThe bunnies heartily disapprove of being placed in coffee mugs and having silly Internet people look at them. Just so you know.

Hm. Sunday didn’t have a lot to report. Did some chores, cleaned the house. I ran into Zach and Sarah completely at random at Bass Pro Shop. They were shopping for warm clothes to wear for a winter campout that may happen on Jan 16 and 17 next year. I was there to look at the handguns, because they have a decent selection of handguns. I didn’t buy anything though, because I’m trying to be fiscally responsible and all that.

One odd thing: I went to Toys R Us because I’d found that they had donation boxes for “Toys for Tots”. Apparently, they don’t accept new toys after December 6. I had a Lego set that I wanted to donate, but they didn’t want it there. However, Bass Pro Shop had a toy donation box for a family shelter in Mesa. After I saw that box, I went back to my car and got the Lego set. When I walked back into the store, the greeter saw the box I had, and said, “Are you returning something?” “Oh heck no. This is for the toy donation box,” I replied, and put the Lego set in the box. Here’s hoping it makes some kid’s life a little better.

In other stupid news, I decided to have one of the Czechvar beers I bought the other day. And I stupidly hit it with my elbow after I’d had about half of it, which spilled beer all over the carpet. Party Foul! I cleaned it up, but wasting beer like that is a complete pain and probably offends multiple deities. Oh well.

The parents will be in Phoenix on Monday. I’m going to make a Bonehead Lasagna for them, so that we’ll have at least one home-cooked meal before the holiday round of parties and whatever.