Chris Burton Flamenco EnsembleThis is the Chris Burton Flamenco Ensemble performing at the Luminarias. The guy all the way to the right is Chris; the other two guys are Flamenco and Ensemble. Until I saw these guys, I had no idea that “The Little Drummer Boy” could be made into an instrumental and transformed into a totally different musical genre.

Friday: The big excitement at work was dealing with a couple of overloaded database boxes. And then dealing with them again when they got overloaded again for no reason. Grr.

The big excitement outside of work was going over to Nathan’s house for dinner and various games. We had 2 different kinds of pasta, lemon butter pasta and pasta fra diavolo (which I heard as “pasta Ebola” for some reason, oddly enough.) And there was salad, homemade salsa, beer, and mulled wine. We played “Settlers of Catan”, which I had never played before, so I didn’t know all the rules or how best to place my settlements and roads. So I didn’t do well. The game didn’t proceed the way that game normally proceeds, since “the map was weird” and there was a severe scarcity of sheep. (Yes, people said, “I have wood for sheep” several times.) Then we played Taboo, after Sarah won the Settlers game.  There were an odd number of people, which doesn’t work for that game, so I served as the timekeeper for about half an hour before leaving at 10pm.  Everyone else seemed willing to keep going into the night, but I wasn’t that hardcore.  (Me getting up at 5:45am may have had something to do with that.)

I also heard that John S. has been laid off (for stupid reasons that’d only make sense to Catbert the evil HR Director).  This is annoying.  There’s essentially nothing I can do about it though.