bellringer chorus at the LuminariasThis is the handbell choir that was at the Luminarias. I think they were attached to a Methodist church in Paradise Valley. They were pretty good, and the room where they were playing was packed.

Apparently, Wednesday is Stephanie’s designated “ride the bus” day. So instead of reading, I spent the morning bus ride talking with her. It’s a nice change of pace.

Wednesday really didn’t have much happening in the way of machine trouble. I don’t think anyone wants to put new code in place or fool around that much with old code, since there are a bunch of people gone now, and many more people will be gone next week and the week after that.

Steve is leaving for NYC soon, so Wednesday was the last Rock Band night of 2009. Ah well, there will be more in the years ahead. We played a bunch of challenges. “Let There Be Rock” is on far too many of the harder challenge sets. I thought there should be something like “alternate sets” for challenges, where one song could be replaced by a song of similar difficulty, but then I thought that the people who are super serious about playing Rock Band would have a fit about that. How is challenge X comparable across many groups if you can beat challenge X by playing songs 1, 2, and 3 or playing songs 1, 3, and 4? This is one of those things where the interests of casual players diverge from the interests of fanatically obsessed players. No clue how much time the developers have spent thinking about this. Ah well.