bronze sculpture of a warriorThis was one of the better sculptures at the Luminarias on Thursday. The main problem with the sculptures was that they were all bronze, and not that many of them were well-lit. Bronze is too dark and matte to show up well in low light.

Hm. Not much to say about Monday. Apparently, one guy on the team is sick, and another guy found that he had a bunch of vacation time that he had to use or lose. So we were short 2 people, which could’ve been bad if anything bad had happened. It didn’t, much to everyone’s relief.

After work, I took an affidavit to a notary downtown, then took that notarized document to Teh Nacho. I hope it’ll help. Nacho said that the receiver on Jason’s CETME rifle had cracked the last time we were all out at the range, which is a little disconcerting since I was the last person to fire that rifle. But anyway, we’re thinking about going out to the rifle range on Sunday, which could be good. I’m pretty sure I have time to go if I get all the Christmas chores done by Saturday evening.