Anthony Wakeman playing the fluteHere’s one of the Luminarias pictures, showing Anthony Wakeman playing the flute for a crowd of people. I took several pictures of this guy, but this was the best and it isn’t that great. Low light levels for the lose. I didn’t use a flash because I felt it would be disrespectful, and people who are performing hate flashes going off in their faces. Anyway: Anthony Wakeman is a Native American from South Dakota, and he played several varieties of flute and told stories for all the people who were walking on the trails at the Luminarias on Thursday. The only problem is that he’s a much better flute player than he is a storyteller. But we listened to several songs and a story, partially because Michelle wanted to hear some flute music. More pictures later, and they’re all better than this one.

Because I was on call last week, I got Friday off. I did the last of the Christmas shopping for presents, cleaned up the house, got some groceries, catered to Fuzzball, and all that jazz. Not a really noteworthy day, but enjoyable.