World War I era art showing lady holding a mirrored ballThursday, the big excitement was going to see the Luminarias thing at the Botanical Garden with Reuben and Michelle. I took a bunch of pictures, but I haven’t downloaded them or organized them yet since it’s really late and I’ve just managed to get Fuzzball to be quiet. (why Fuzzball being quiet is a good thing.) Pictures’ll show up in the next few days.

The whole garden was totally different this year. Last year, they had a whole bunch of sculptures by Chihuly, and the whole show was about those sculptures. This year, there were other sculptures by another artist, but these were much more understated and less colorful. The real draw this year was actually the various musical acts they had playing. We figured this out fairly quickly and tried to listen to them more than look for art. We heard an earnest hippie with a bunch of percussion instruments, a flute player from South Dakota, a bluegrass band called the Hay Boyz that was really pretty good and had drawn a large crowd, a handbell choir, and a flamenco guitar act. Not bad at all.

The weather wasn’t the greatest—it was pretty cold. We were all dressed for it, at least. Reuben insisted on paying for dinner since I’d gotten the Luminarias tickets. Thing is, I got the tickets for free, so I didn’t think it was fair, but what the heck.