picture of rain in PhoenixMonday, it was cloudy and rainy all over most of Arizona. This is always fun, and we need the rain. At about 11:30am, I heard the rain hitting the building windows pretty hard, and everybody in the cube farm looked up. The rain slacked off after that, and it rained off and on for almost all of the rest of the day.

Hmm. Not a whole lot else to report, actually. I’ve been downloading every interesting-looking game demo that I could find. “Bayonetta” looked like a triumph of style over substance, but hey, there are very few games where you can see the heroine’s clothes turn into a gigantic creature made of hair and then break the enemy’s back. (I am not making that last sentence up.) I have also not totally finished my Christmas shopping—big surprise, eh? Still a couple more things to get. It’s always something.