coffee maker, coffee grinder, coffee beansNo one has actually complained that I don’t have any way to make coffee in the house. But I figured it was time to remedy that. Brewed a pot on Sunday morning, and it tasted fine.

A Minneapolis theatre is extending its run of “A Klingon Christmas Carol”. And, of course, people are talking about that. I didn’t think there was that much demand for a play like that, but I guess I was wrong. It sounds interesting, actually, and there are apparently a lot of in-jokes in the script.

I think I’ve got all the presents bought for Christmas. Of course, they’re not all here yet. Yay for online shopping. Also finally got a remote for the TV, since I saw a universal remote for $10. While cleaning up after dinner, I dropped a pot right on Moira’s water dish.  This spilled leftover rice mixed with water all over the kitchen floor.  How fun.  At least I’d gotten 2/3 of the rice out of the pot before dropping it.