rat on cat, caption 'How I steer this thing?' Saturday had grocery shopping, safe deposit box depositing, and what I thought was a trouble ticket from work. It wasn’t a trouble ticket. It was Zach texting me to see if I wanted to go see “Boondock Saints 2″. That sounded like a good idea, even though the local critic hated it.

So I met Zach, Sarah, and John at a movie theatre in Chandler and paid matinee prices to see it. It wasn’t as bad as the critic made it out to be, but it wasn’t as good as the first one. I think the director got lucky the first time. That, or he forgot that “Boondock Saints” was, at heart, a comic book movie. Seriously. A successful comic book movie must contain characters the audience cares about, over-the-top action, some humor, and a plot that is at least partially plausible. “Boondock Saints 2″ really only had action and humor. Ah well.