kitten in shoeFriday was pretty good. Fewer database problems, but some confusion over lunch. Lots of people were waiting on a really long conference call to finish. I finally said the heck with it and got a burrito from the cafeteria. And we’re going to install some new software and set up some testing stuff on Monday, which should be interesting.

Just started reading Probability Moon by Nancy Kress. In it, humanity is fighting a war with a mysterious alien race, the Fallers, and humanity is losing. Then some people discover a highly advanced weapon orbiting a planet inhabited by another low-tech alien race. The scientists sent to investigate this low-tech race (and the weapon) are intrigued by the aliens’ culture. Apparently, almost all the aliens agree on almost everything, and have managed to create a society without war. The aliens do this through some as yet unexplained mechanism where anyone who thinks incorrect thoughts or engages in unapproved behavior suffers horrible headaches. I don’t know how the whole thing will work out, but the characters are well-drawn.