guinea pig hackerHacker pigs. They always appear. Just turn off all unnecessary services, make sure you don’t leave deposits of alfalfa hay near your servers, and you’ll probably be spared.

Thursday: There were some database problems. They weren’t actually that hard to deal with, though the problem with the foreign key constraints took a while to figure out. It’s apparently been there for several months, but nobody noticed it until today. That’s the way things go sometimes.

Food: I went to the cafeteria for lunch. They had pizza with bacon on it. I got back to the cube farm, and said to everyone else, “At the cafeteria, they have pizza with bacon on it!” “So. . . you got a salad?” “No, I got pizza with bacon on it! That comes with salad. It’s healthy and awesome at the same time! Sort of.”

I also signed up for the potluck next week, since there weren’t a lot of people who had signed up. Everyone will get to taste my version of green bean casserole.  (Seriously, it shouldn’t provoke food poisoning, stomach cramps, or anything like that. . . .)