kitten very tired but still on its feetBeware of sleep-deprived zombie kittens.

Saturday: More traveling! Well, the flight didn’t leave until 1:30pm, so nobody had to get up early. I used some of the time to finish reading Shutter Island, which was fairly well done, but depends on manipulating the reader’s expectations. When the narrator’s extremely unreliable, as he was in that book, the reader may not know what to expect. I see they’ve made a movie out of the book. I don’t know how they’re going to handle the ending and the plot twist there. How they handled it will determine whether the movie does well or sinks like a stone.

The flights on Saturday were good. On the Detroit-Phoenix flight, the people in the row behind me had a big gray cat in a carrier. The cat didn’t put up much of a fuss through the flight, which made me think it was really well tranquilized. Then it took half an hour for our baggage to show up. A guy in front of me complained loudly and said he’d never fly Northwest again because of the delay. I don’t know whether he was being serious or whether he was really uptight and over-scheduled. Probably the latter. But there are far worse things than a half-hour delay at the end of a long flight or series of flights.

Got home, saw Moira. She was really glad to see me.

Sunday: No traveling. Stocked up the fridge, did some Christmas shopping, and tried to deal with some other stuff. Didn’t watch the Cardinals lose, which was probably a good decision.

Monday: Spent a lot of time handling the junk that had built up over the last week while almost everyone was out on vacation. Most of it was pretty easy to deal with, but each piece took 15 to 30 minutes, and there were a few pieces. And I also got an audio recording of Moira meowing direct link if the interactive player fails for some reason. Warning: she’s really annoying.