cat and sheep, caption 'I'm not talking to ewe.' Friday didn’t have a whole lot going on. There weren’t any crises, and we couldn’t round up enough people at the same time to all go out for lunch.

The whole department also got an e-mail saying that there was a free ticket to a sporting clays competition up for grabs. The people on my team thought that I’d immediately sign up for it, since I’m the only one of us who actually owns a gun. While it probably would be fun, it’s A) a half-hour drive B) at 7am on a Saturday. So I didn’t express any interest, and someone else got it. I just prefer to be awake enough to shoot straight when firearms are involved.

The fine folks at Penny Arcade are doing some worthwhile charity work again this year. I’ve had a lot of fun with the “Rock Band” series over the last year, so I bought “LEGO Rock Band” for my local hospital.