apple carved like a pirate holding a knife in its teethThanksgiving started very early on Tuesday with going through some unexpected construction at Sky Harbor. At least I got a parking spot close to the bus stop. Then, when I was going through security, I must’ve done something to set off the TSA guy’s alarms, because he asked me to walk backwards, then slowly walk through the metal detector without making any sudden moves. I didn’t set off the detector, though, which was good.

The flights on Tuesday weren’t too terrible, even though I had to go through O’Hare, and that’s always a crapshoot. O’Hare seemed to be getting more and more crowded as I waited for my flight, and I would’ve hated to see the place on Wednesday.

Got to the parents’ house, saw them, saw the cats, ate, and had an early night.

Wednesday: I spent a lot of time reading some of the New Yorker and Atlantic magazines that my parents have accumulated. Apparently, Pakistan’s control over its nuclear weapons is better than you might think. It would be somewhat difficult for one unauthorized person or even a team of unauthorized people to assemble a Pakistani warhead, trigger mechanism, and delivery system into a working nuclear missile, since all 3 of those components are kept in different places under tight security. Also, at least one reporter thinks that the “Prosperity Gospel” movement might have contributed to the housing crisis. Short version: “Jesus wants you to have a house! Even if you have to take out an interest-only loan that no one in their right mind would take!” I’m sure that some people did fall for bad financial advice given by preachers who weren’t qualified to give that advice. However, I don’t think that the housing bubble happened because of some pastors preaching questionable doctrine. I think the housing bubble was caused by greed and stupidity, which transcend religion and will be with humanity regardless of which religion it practices.