haircut for meetingsSleeping while in a boring meeting is probably a great thing. However, if you’re going to try that, don’t try the haircut in this picture. It won’t work.

The weekend was really not all that interesting. Laundry, groceries, cleaning, blah blah. I’ve been playing through “Too Human” and am 80% of the way through it. The story behind the game is interesting, though a bunch of people didn’t like the gameplay. Quite a few reviewers said that they didn’t understand the plot/story. I’m not sure where they’re coming from, since the plot is basically a pastiche of Norse mythology and science fiction. (I know more about Norse myths than the average person, though.) The unskippable 15-second movie that happens when your character dies is a bit annoying. However, the 4th level has hordes of zombies. And killing zombies is always cool. Right?

I’m still no closer to finding out what’s wrong with joystick input in the version of fceux I’ve got here. Dangit. This will probably be something I won’t ever get to, and the developers will fix it next month. Maybe.