what did you say?Last week, we heard that there was no coffee on the 7th floor. That really annoyed everyone there, so we made a pot of coffee from our stash of coffee beans and distributed it. At least that didn’t happen this week. Garrett said, “I’m working from home today. My girlfriend’s truck wouldn’t start. I drove her to her job, because if she can’t open the rifle range, there are going to be angry people with guns wandering around, and no one wants that.”

So: With the rifle range situation defused, there wasn’t really a lot to Friday. The switching stuff around in the early morning worked fine. A couple of database machines had a cow, but I was able to fix that. An internal application barfed half an hour before I left the office, but that was easy enough to fix once we’d tracked down the right person.

We all went out to lunch at the Downtown Deli. I got a club sandwich. As we were finding a table, we saw that Sheriff Joe and a deputy had decided to eat there as well. Whatever.

Finished Glasshouse. The end of that book is a bit confusing, and feels like it’s been edited down from a longer set of chapters that explain more about what’s going on. Or maybe that was deliberate. But anyway, I think that Glasshouse is probably the best Charles Stross book that I’ve read. All the sympathetic characters have flaws and baggage, all the non-sympathetic characters have easily-found real-world analogues, and the message is clear: If some bureaucratic assholes attempt to stomp on people’s civil liberties, they will be defeated by firearms, plastic explosives, and plot devices. Unfortunately, that’s fiction, not reality.