guinea pig can't drive 55Guinea pigs can’t drive 55. So don’t harsh their mellow, brother.

Hm. Tuesday was relatively ordinary at work. I brought lunch, but some other people decided to go out to lunch. One guy’s moving, so he’ll spend Wednesday schlepping boxes into or out of a truck instead of being in the office.

Trivia: We won the main competition, thanks to some luck. Apparently, Dan Majerle was in the restaurant on Monday, and he said, “Take these tickets to the Suns game next month and give them to the teams that do well in the trivia competition.” So the teams that scored the most points in the first half and in the second half got basketball tickets. We didn’t win the first half or the second half, though. But we’re in the lead for November, so we may get some Suns tickets at the end of the month. (And we saw the Suns win a close one against Houston, which is always nice.)

Other: Glasshouse by Charles Stross is definitely worth reading. It’s sci-fi, and set centuries in the future, but it has a number of characters that you can easily care about, empathize with, or hate. And the protagonist is a highly technical bastard who’s also totally at home with low-tech approaches like spiking the bad guy’s coffee with Ex-Lax.