I shall defeat chu!  nom nom nomMonday wasn’t really all that exciting. Well, I started Glasshouse by Charles Stross, which has been interesting so far. Robin, the protagonist, is a 27th-century human who’s volunteered for an experiment where he has to live like a 20th-century human for 3 years. He’s not prepared for the rigors of 20th-century life, or how seriously the scientists and other subjects are taking the experiment. And, of course, there are people who are trying to kill him.

One thing doesn’t really ring true, though. In the book, a lot of the historical data from 1950..2050 has been lost thanks to encryption and media cartels, which is why these people in the 27th century are doing experiments to find out how 20th-century people lived. However, huge amounts of data about people’s everyday lives have been documented in open formats (like HTML, RTF, or MPEG-2) or formats that are pretty trivial to decode (MS Word, DVD-with-CSS, etc.) If anything, future historians will say that there’s too much data about the 20th-21st centuries, and it’s too hard to sift through it all for the important stuff.