cat saying 'dis is u when u drink beer'When we all went to trivia on Tuesday, there were a few problems. First, they were short-staffed, so we almost didn’t get a table before they started asking questions. Second, there was a mix-up with our orders and we got one too many beers. Trivia went well, though. We won (yay!) though it was fairly close. They’re having a competition all month long, so that the team that gets the most points in November gets 2 tickets to a Suns game. That should be neat.

John somehow knocked most of a glass of iced tea into Sarah’s purse. This wasn’t great, but it was sort of funny. Sarah had to take everything out of her purse after that, of course, and she found $2 and a Superball hiding in corners of her purse. Hm.

The last trivia question of the night was “Name the year the following events took place.” There were audio clips from a bunch of events, including the “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!” speech from Independence Day (which some Brits said was the “cheesiest movie moment ever”). Of course, we got that question right. I saw that movie in a theatre at a midnight show when it came out, and didn’t regret the high ticket price at all.