NYC as it might look after being deserted for several yearsThis is what New York City might look like after all the humans vanished due to zombies or swine flu or atomic hamsters from Mars.

Monday: Most of it was reasonably interesting while it was happening, but it makes a terrible story. I sent out a mail to everyone on the team, and one of us was on vacation until tomorrow. So I got a reply saying “I will be out of the office until October 10. . .” which I thought was kind of amusing. Well, when you forget to change the month, things like this happen. There was also a large, stupid mess over the weekend involving an automated script that said “Oh no, service N is FUBAR!!1!” that resulted in another guy getting paged while he’d just gone to sleep. The thing is, we don’t have anything to do with service N, and service N was actually in scheduled downtime at that point. It sounded horrible. I was really glad I wasn’t involved in that, at least.