bunny with cinnamon bun on its head, caption 'cinnabunneh' The rabbits heartily disapprove of silly pictures like this.

Sunday didn’t have a lot going on. However, I recently heard that the workers at Fry’s and Safeway may go on strike next Friday, which would be pretty interesting. I’ve done almost all my grocery shopping at Fry’s for the last two years because A) they’re close to where I live B) they have almost everything I need. I don’t think the strike will do what the union wants it to do here. Arizona is a Right to Work state, so they’ll bring in temporary workers and fire the strikers, or something. Both union and management should get their acts together and find some sort of compromise that everyone can live with, but it’s not likely to happen at this late date. I wonder how hard it’ll be to get everything at Target and/or Tesco, since I’m extremely lukewarm about crossing this particular picket line.

What else. . . I thought the Cardinals game was in the afternoon, not the morning. So I didn’t check on it until after lunch, when it was the 3rd quarter. Oops. So instead of watching football, I downloaded the demo for Too Human and played it. (Yes, it’s a year after that game came out; what do you want?) It was interesting, though it got decidedly mixed reviews. Maybe I’ll pick up a used copy later.