My Little Pony dressed as an Imperial StormtrooperThere is no limit to the weird things that people come up with. Some artists with too much time on their hands have taken the old “My Little Pony” toys and turned them into all kinds of things from pop culture. There’s even a My Little Pony Cthulhu out there.

Hm. Thursday wasn’t all that exciting, though there was this one runaway process that wrote upwards of 2 million rows to a database. And I finally got to sign up for Desert Code Camp sessions. I picked HTML 5, JavaScript, object-oriented PHP, and jQuery. I hope it’ll be interesting and/or useful, because it’ll consume almost all of my Saturday.

If you want pictures of a Chihuahua wearing costumes and looking cute, look no further than Teh Nacho’s blog about Darlin’. I put that in the sidebar yesterday, but I don’t think people actually read the sidebar.

Reading Paradise by Mike Resnick, which says in the preface that it’s not about Kenya. However, there are way too many obvious and non-obvious references in the book that make it clear that the alien planet depicted is at the very least an allegory for sub-Saharan Africa.