turducken breast, gumbo, red beans and rice, and a shrimp pieThe main ingredient for Christmas dinner arrived on Wednesday, along with some additional stuff that I’ll probably end up eating on a couple of nights when I’m too tired to cook and don’t have any leftovers to reheat. Yay!

I am not sure whether this story is an elaborate media troll, a smear job, or just some guy being really stupid. I don’t know how much difference it’s going to make in the long run.

Did the usual Wednesday night thing at Steve’s house. Sort of, because I said, “Play the demo for BrĂ¼tal Legend!” so we spent some time going through that instead of Rock Band. Then we did the usual rock thing, and talked about KDE 4. I just installed that on my laptop, but have not installed it on my main machine and won’t install it until I’ve figured out how to do everything in 4 that I can in 3. (Free Clue for future developers: OS X is not the be-all and end-all of good user interfaces. In fact, there are many places where OS X performs indecent acts with goats when it comes to UI, so trying to copy it is not a great idea.)

And then found out from Zach that he’s broke, his father-in-law is broke, and Jason can’t show up. So the trip to the gun store is off, and it looks like I’m attending Desert Code Camp on Saturday. Whee, or something.