huge cat wearing yarmulke sitting on fighter jet“Unidentified Flying Object” does not necessarily mean “alien spacecraft”. It could be something much, much weirder.

Tuesday: Work was reasonable. Well, except for this gigantic MyISAM table that had to be fixed. The fix was conceptually easy, but it took forever and caused all sorts of spurious warnings. And they were talking about adding some additional stuff to the database, which would make it relatively easy to do some things that sounded really interesting. (Provided they all work out properly, which is 90% of solving most programming problems.) I’m going to have to look at that in more detail on Thursday. I get Wednesday off, thanks to being on call all last week and dealing with really wonky hardware failures at 7:30am on a weekend. Yay!

Trivia: Everybody was there, Sarah was glad she only had a half day of work tomorrow, Trevor had plans to buy software and a video camera to try and make a short film, and we made a good showing but ended up in second place by one point. Those are the breaks sometimes. Zach’s desktop machine also blew up, so he had to replace the motherboard, CPU, and RAM. This means he won’t have much money to spend at the trip to the gun store in Prescott we were going to take on Saturday. If Zach can’t make it, I’d just as soon delay that gun store trip, since Desert Code Camp is on Saturday. That’s a once-a-year thing, while the gun store is open almost every Saturday.