bunny in kilt, caption 'If it's nae Scottish, IT'S CRAP!' Bunny MacGregor here disapproves heartily. Though probably not as much as I disapproved of waking up at 2am, thinking that I’d just heard my phone make its “incoming text message from work” sound. That’s a bad sound to hear; it usually means “something is broken, fix it!” It turned out to be a false alarm. Yay.

Monday didn’t have a whole lot that was interesting going on. The economic recovery is proceeding apace, though. (Yes, after putting together an appropriate RewriteRule, I have the TinyURL-like script working better now. More improvements will follow.)

Books: I just finished reading Bloodring by Faith Hunter. This was a random pick off the shelves. The whole thing could be summed up as “What if Harry Dresden was a woman? And was working in a small town? After demons and seraphs invaded the Earth? And what if the writer telling the story wasn’t quite as talented as Jim Butcher?” Basically, the book was entertaining, but not that great. There’s a sequel, which I’ll probably pick up the next time I hit the library.