devil cat says I will swallow your soul, seriously.Devil Cat here has totally gotten into the spirit of Halloween.

The big excitement on Saturday was getting together with Trevor and Nathan (again) to go see “Paranormal Activity”. That movie’s basically the “Blair Witch” of 2009, with additional shaky-cam. There was quite a lot of anticipation, not much gore at all, and one insanely effective scare right at the end. No explanation was given, and there was really no reveal. I wanted to at least see the demon/whatever that was responsible for all the evil that was going on. But no, the filmmakers probably decided that the most effective scary monster was one that you didn’t see at all.

Then we walked a couple of blocks to Rock Bottom Brewery, where we had dinner. The food was pretty good, and the service was fast and efficient, unlike what a couple of reviews of that place in Google Maps said. Trevor said that he had some ideas for short films, and said that he’d written a short screenplay called “Scourge” or something like that. “I don’t think anybody would be interested in it, because there’s no explanation for the events in the movie,” he said. “We just paid cash money to see a movie where there’s no explanation of the events!“, I replied. Trevor has written, directed, and performed in a number of short films, though, even if one of them involved piranhas that were hand puppets. Nathan said he went back to the Wild Horse Pass casino on Saturday and lost some more money, since he forgot to cash in a $5 chip on Friday. Oops. Well, whatever.

I’d really rather not go anywhere tomorrow, though. I’m tired, and the Cards are playing the Panthers, and those 2 things should take care of my Sunday.