playing soccer with a hedgehog as the ballAlternative forms of soccer, like the one pictured, never really took off. I can’t imagine why.

Tuesday, the big thing was dealing with someone who decided that it’d be a great idea to run DROP DATABASE on a production server. We had backups, of course, but dealing with that particular bit of dumb cost 2 of us an entire morning. That was kind of annoying.

Trivia: We had only the core group, no Kelli, no Trevor, Patty only there for a few minutes. I stayed for the whole thing since I don’t have to work on Wednesday (yay!). We didn’t do all that well, since we got 4th place, meaning no gift card for next week. Ah well. We may be going to see “Zombieland” this weekend.  That looks like it’s bad enough to be worth watching, preferably in a group of like-minded people.