two kids standing by a painting of a gorilla, with perspective such that the gorilla looks like it's eating themSaturday started off with an ARGH. At some point when I was in the shower, work called with a helpdesk ticket. Of course, I didn’t hear the phone going off until I was finished with the shower. Then right after I had logged in to work to figure out what had gone wrong, the ticket escalated, since I hadn’t gotten to it in 15 minutes. Dealing with that actually took more time than fixing the relatively simple problem the ticket was about.

And immediately after that 45 minutes of hassle, it was time to load up the car with rifles and pistol and go out to the rifle range with Zach and Nacho. Right after I stopped the car at Zach’s house, he got a helpdesk ticket from his work. So instead of loading his guns into the car right then, we had to wait about 15 minutes for confirmation that the problem had been solved. Ai yi yi.

There weren’t any more obstacles to meeting Nacho for lunch, at least. Nacho himself has a slight problem, though—his wife wants some diamond jewelry. However, Nacho can’t afford to buy her jewelry right now, because he was unemployed for several months, and he’s putting every spare cent from his current job into the savings they were living on. So tensions are kind of high in the Nacho household right now.

The best remedy for tension is to shoot stuff. Zach had his new AR-15 and his ever-present Sig 9mm as well as a 10/22. Nacho brought his AK. I brought my Saiga, my 10/22, and my .357, though I didn’t fire the 10/22. I was having too much fun with the Saiga. The new stock, handguard, and forward grip I put on the Saiga make it a bit easier to control, I think. I tried the AR-15, and thought it was pretty nice, though the scope Zach had on it wasn’t positioned quite right for anything. I also figured out why the .357 ammo I bought at the gun show was so cheap: The cases for it are slightly out of true, so ejecting them from the cylinder doesn’t always work right. It shoots fine, it just sometimes takes longer to unload than it should.

After shooting for 2 hours, we called it a day. I went back to Zach’s place for a bit, and saw part of an odd Japanese game show called “Ultimate Barakku” or something like that. One person pushed a wheelbarrow that looked like a cat and contained another person over a series of difficult obstacles. It was more weird and more interesting than any American game show I’ve ever seen.