house selling for only $2650Check the work your data entry operators are doing. Otherwise, you can get things like this happening. I’m sure they meant “$265,000″ or something like that. Either that or the house is in foreclosure, has been stripped, and is in the middle of the ghetto.

Thursday wasn’t all that exciting. Fixed some stuff, saw a weird error that I’d never seen before, and got the chance to explain the x86 partition scheme to a Solaris guy. (“sda4 is an extended partition of type 0×05. It can’t be mounted and doesn’t contain a filesystem. Yes, it’s weird. Blame IBM in the early 1980s for the weirdness.”) I also figured out why I haven’t been getting text messages from work. While Sprint bought Nextel years ago, and I pay all my bills to Sprint, my phone is old enough that I have to use Nextel’s mail-to-SMS gateway instead of Sprint’s. Oops.

More good bits from Moby-Dick: “Of all tools used in the shadow of the moon, men are the most apt to get out of order.” (Melville wrote that line over 20 years before Lucas Industries was founded, otherwise he might have worded it differently.) “