humpback whales bubble-net feedingHumpback whales engaging in “bubble-net feeding”. This is where the whales blow bubbles under and around a school of small fish, then while the fish are confused by the bubbles, the whales eat them.

The sperm whale doesn’t do anything like this, since it feeds mostly on giant squid. The bit of Moby-Dick that stuck with me today was a scene where Queequeg was inserting a hook into the tail of a whale that had been recently killed. He was standing on the dead whale, in the ocean, while sharks bit the dead whale and Stubb and Flask wielded sharp whaling-spades on poles to try and kill the sharks. “The ocean is Life, the sharks your enemies, the spades your friends, and between enemies and friends, you’re in a real pickle,” says Melville, or something like that. Good metaphor.

There’s something really screwed up with the trouble ticket system at work. I should’ve gotten a text message at about 6pm on Wednesday for a relatively simple problem. I never got any message, and another guy got bothered 15 minutes later when he shouldn’t have been. The whole trouble ticket system is an “Enterprise grade system”, which promises phasers and photon torpedoes, and delivers red shirts and Shatneresque acting.