A samurai is always prepared to face whatever obstacles lie between him and lunchBiff faces challenges like a samurai. A katana is just not the right tool for most things in this modern world, though.

Apparently, there was a major kerfluffle late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Parts of the website stopped working, and Sherry, who was on call, got paged. They got it fixed, but it wasn’t fun for anyone involved, mostly because it happened so late. Bleah. The worst thing was that I was awake when it happened, and I couldn’t help because nobody called me.

Monday was relatively quiet though. We’re trying to figure out a better way of monitoring some things, so that if everything falls apart, we’ll get only one “OMG WTF BBQ PANICK!!1!” message instead of 12 of them.

It’s about time for the yearly reading of Moby-Dick. A lot of people seem to hate that book. I can’t understand why, but I’ve never had to read that book for a class despite taking more English/Lit classes than the average Chemistry major. Maybe people who’ve been forced to read the book hate it more. It’s really two books, one book a story about {Ishmael, Queequeg, Ahab, Starbuck, Stubb, Fedallah, et al}, and the other a treatise about whaling as practiced circa 1850. The two books are only tangentially related. People reading the book for literature class could probably skip all the whaling-related chapters if they’re of the tl;dr generation.