Saturday: relatively busy, or at least it seemed like it because of the way the day was structured. Everything happened after 4pm. The plan was for us all to get together at Nathan’s for Rock Band: Beatles, then get dinner, then go to Fibber’s to see if any of us won the trip to Ireland. However, everyone except me, Sarah, and Zach flaked out. We went ahead regardless.

Rock Band: Beatles is slightly different from the other Rock Band games in its interface. The timing felt slightly off for guitar/bass. I dealt with it, and tried to play bass left-handed (like Paul) for the novelty value. It’s much trickier than it should be, because all my finger macros are set up for playing right-handed. Then we went to a nearby middle-eastern restaurant for dinner. The food was good, it wasn’t that expensive, but there was hardly anyone there.

best to keep your liquor supplies out of reach of kidsThen, we all went to Fibber’s to see if the 2 or 3 tickets most of us had filled out for the raffle would actually win anything. There were a bunch of prizes besides the trip for 2 to Ireland, mostly T-shirts, but none of us won anything. Figures, really. We still don’t have a firm date for when we’re going to go to the rifle range in Casa Grande, but we tried to get Nathan interested in going as well. The raffle didn’t get over until about 10:30pm, so I didn’t get home until after 11pm, and I was kind of tired. I tried to put in a brief update and got sucked into a problem with the latest version of PHP, where I had to rebuild/reinstall it for things to work right on this site.

Cards win over JaguarsSunday: Less busy. I slept in, apparently missed a phone call, and got everything straightened out so I could watch the Cards play the Jaguars. Jacksonville was outclassed in most respects, but their quarterback showed he was dangerous as he kept hitting long passes. The game would’ve been much closer if the Cards hadn’t been lucky though. You can’t count on blocking a field goal, then returning it for a touchdown, and you can’t hope the other team’s receivers flub two passes into the end zone that should’ve been easy catches.