ceci n'est pas un chat serieuxWednesday, I unintentionally slept in for half an hour and had to take the late bus. And of course, I realized that I’d left the book I was going to read on the end table when I’d gotten 40 feet out the door, and decided there probably wasn’t enough time to go back. There was plenty of time, since the bus was 5 minutes late.

At work, I ran into a bizarre problem that should never have happened according to everything I know about the machine and the network it’s attached to.  Rebooting the machine fixed it.  (That may seem like an obvious step to take for some of you, but this was a Linux box, and rebooting is almost never the right solution for a Linux problem.)

Went to Steve’s for the usual Wednesday night Rock Band. Steve’s oldest dog wasn’t feeling well. Apparently, medicine for dogs costs almost as much as medicine for people, even though dogs can’t file malpractice suits.

It looks like I’ll be getting up early Friday morning to perform some maintenance on a couple of machines. Oh joy.