very tired guinea pigTuesday was really full.  After work, I thought I had some time to eat dinner and try to clean the place up since the plan was for everyone to show up at my place at 7pm.  Of course, Zach showed up at 6:15pm.  And the trivia contest was at Skeptical Chymist in Scottsdale instead of Fibber Magee’s in Chandler, which was about 20 miles further than it usually is.  Then we couldn’t find the place that easily since none of us had been there before, and while we were looking for it, we saw some idiot driving an SUV on the sidewalk. Oddly enough, there was a cop less than 50 feet away from the sidewalk driver, who didn’t seem concerned about that.

The trivia was reasonable, though it took forever.  Almost everyone wussed out and didn’t show up.  Even though it was only me, Sarah, Zach, and Nathan, we got second place and a $50 gift card.  I don’t know if it was worth it, though, since I’ll be really tired at work on Wednesday thanks to the additional travel and time spent.