Kirk and McCoy, McCoy saying 'He's bread, Jim' This picture has nothing to do with anything, and is just silly.

Monday was reasonably quiet. One of us was sick, and another of us took an on-call day, so things were a bit more subdued than usual. I fixed an annoying problem, and documented all the stuff I did to fix it, so that other people will be able to fix it without tearing their hair out in the future. Someone stole Zach’s credit card info, which is causing him some annoyance. And apparently, Sherry has a boyfriend in Seattle, which was a surprise to most of us. (Long-distance relationships? Eh, whatever, she’s got enough sense to decide how to deal with that stuff herself.)

Almost done with Ink. It doesn’t look like the potential that the story had will be fulfilled. It’s sad in a way. The book was almost like William S. Burroughs took a lot of hallucinogens and decided to rewrite Illuminatus!, but with less coherence. I wasn’t expecting great literature from Ink, since I basically picked it off the sci-fi shelves at random. Still, the whole book feels like it’s on the verge of veering close to good literature, then being drunkenly swung around into schlock by an author who can’t figure out what he wants to say.