Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner after losing the gameSo on Sunday, I went out and got a splitter and some coax so that I could watch the Cards play the 49ers while still connected to the Net. After I connected everything, the cablemodem went into “trying to connect” mode for over a minute, and I thought that the splitter I’d bought was broken. It eventually got its act together.

However, the football game was pretty painful to watch. The Cards were playing sloppily throughout the first half, they had way too many penalties, and Warner threw an interception. The defense was looking good, but so was the 49ers defense. At the half, I turned the game off.

But yeah, not a whole lot else going on. We’re trying to set up a rifle range day with Zach and Nacho 2 weeks from now. An interesting recipe for “ramen pizza” that can be made while you’re in jail. (NOTE: the comment section of that link contains copious swearing.)