kitty with gunThe big excitement on Saturday was going to the gun show with Jen and Zach. That wasn’t really that interesting, though. No one was looking for new guns, and I had stupidly left my scope mount in the car, so I couldn’t really look for a scope. I found some reasonably cheap ammo, but that was it. We met TehNacho and Jason there briefly, but they said they hadn’t found anything that interesting either. Zach was looking for a 20″ upper for an AR-15, but everything he found was more expensive and/or less good than the 20″ uppers he could find on the Net.

We then went out for lunch. After some confusion about where to go, we ended up going to Red Devil Pizza, which is not that far from my house. I had seen this restaurant many times, but had overlooked it and never gone in for some reason. (I don’t usually eat out except for Friday lunch.) But Zach recommended the place, so we went in and had pizza and garlic toast for lunch. It was pretty good, and not that expensive. Then we went to the nearby pawn shop to look for interesting stuff, but didn’t find much. We tried to convince Jen to buy a piccolo, but it was apparently too expensive for her.