splotches of inkI’ve been reading Ink by Hal Duncan. It’s not all that coherent, but it’s still interesting. Apparently, the apocalypse happened. Except it didn’t go as planned. So the plot has a backdrop of some angels trying to bring some order to chaos, a whole bunch of lost and confused people, a bunch of strange nanotech devices, and a thing called the Book of All Hours. With this backdrop, we get 3 (or 4?) disparate plotlines involving a gay guy named Jack Flash, a couple of people named Joey who may or may not be the same person, timelines that skip back and forth, a world where everyone has wings, and flying motorcycles. Did I mention the adaptation of “The Bacchae” that’s being performed in one of the plotlines? The verse in it is reasonably well done, though it takes forever to get anywhere because the POV keeps switching to another plotline.

The book is a sequel to Vellum, and of course the library didn’t have that one. So I may be missing some context that’d help me make sense of what all’s going on. Or not. So much is going on, and the time and context switch so much, that it’s more like a series of 30-second MTV shorts than a standard novel. I hope it starts going somewhere more coherent. There’s a lot of potential in the story the author’s telling. It’d be a shame if it were unfulfilled.

The author of Ink has a blog, though it’s kind of hard to read. Someone ought to tell him that chaotic backgrounds are lousy backdrops for text.