corgi with jar of peanut butter, caption 'am ate all ur peanut butters lol' Today is supposed to be a day without cats, where the LOLcats that you see all over the Net are not supposed to be posted. Fortunately, there are also LOLdogs.

Not much happened at work on Tuesday, though there were some odd things with one machine that I had to fix. And a guy wearing a monkey mask while speeding got quite a bit of media attention.

Trivia: No Kelli, no Trevor.  We did have Jack and his girlfriend and the usual crew.  Best team name probably went to “What do Dale Ernheart and Pink Floyd have in common?  Their last big hit was ‘The Wall’.”  We got 3rd place, but we got enough points in the last few months that we were invited to the tournament next week at the Skeptical Chymist up in Scottsdale.  We’re apparently carpooling there if possible since it’s a long way.