view outside during the monsoonAt about 9pm on Friday, it started raining. It was too dark outside to take a decent picture, so this is a recycled photo from last year showing roughly what it all looked like. It rained off and on all Saturday morning, which was nice.

The big excitement on Saturday was going over to Zach’s place and getting some help in installing an aftermarket stock on one of my rifles. The directions supplied with the stock were a bit confusing, and I had a lot of trouble removing the original stock with the tools I had, so I thought it best to consult someone more experienced. We managed to get the thing installed properly, but it would’ve helped a lot if the directions had been more clear. Part of the problem was that the directions were on one sheet of paper, with mediocre illustrations, and covered 4 different rifle models.

Zach and Sarah were dogsitting a huge mastiff for some of their friends who were out of town. This dog was friendly and wanted to play and be petted, but was also interested in everything we were doing and wanted to follow us around and stick his nose into whatever we were working on.