please wait, kitty is processing your stupidCats don’t deal well at all with stupid, especially on Caturday.

Friday didn’t have a whole lot that was interesting. Well, we all went out to lunch, which is always fun. I think I set some sort of trend, because I ordered a carne asada burrito, and everyone after me changed their order from chicken to carne asada. Redhat decided to release over a hundred updates in the afternoon, right before a 3-day weekend. I decided not to install them on the production boxes. They’re pretty good about not breaking stuff, but an update that drastic is best reserved for a time when there are going to be more people around. We all got to leave a bit early, which is always nice.

Long weekend. It’s about time. I’m going to visit Zach on Saturday, and Nathan’s throwing a Rock Band + trivia party on Sunday, so there’s plenty of stuff going on.