screwballThere are way too many things that this picture could describe. Examples abound in politics. The sheer rage displayed in far too many of the political comments I’ve read online over the last 2-3 years makes me think that lots of people have taken political events as personal insults. Is “the political is personal” the new trend?

It started raining in Tempe right before I went to bed.  This is great; we haven’t had enough rain this year.

Been reading Original Sin by P.D. James. It’s hard to believe the same author wrote Children of Men. Original Sin is pretty good, especially in its characters. Most of them are middle-aged and trying desperately to hang on to something or other, whether that’s self-respect or a job or the promise of more money than they’ve got. But they’re well-drawn and mostly realistic, partially because so many of them seem so gray, ordinary, and trapped. It’s also interesting to read about old, expensive architecture and a place where people commute to the office on boats. There just aren’t very many of those things here in AZ.

Of course, since it’s a mystery, the person who got murdered was a complete bastard, and many people had reason to want him dead. Even he’s a very realistic bastard, and I’ve seen people do and say some of the same things that Gerard did in the book. I wonder what the plot twist will be like.

So: Children of Men is like Michael Jordan playing baseball. Original Sin is like Michael Jordan playing basketball. James can write sci-fi to some extent at a minor league level, but should in no way make a career out of it as her talents lie elsewhere.