chimp looking at a vending machine that sells monolithsVending machines don’t seem to sell everything you could want. Well, not yet, at least.

As usual, they waited until 15 minutes before I had to leave to tell me that something was messed up and could I fix it? Never mind that that particular thing had been messed up for days. But it was reasonably easy to fix even with the short time frame.

Trivia: We had all of the usual crew, plus Jen, minus Trevor. Apparently, some people are going to go to the ASU game on Saturday, and Miguel is going to be in town on Sunday, so there’s going to be (another) Rock Band get-together featuring food on that day. I don’t know; it seems as if I have a talent for scheduling things on days when people have other plans. As such, the Saturday thing I had planned may have to be scrapped. @#%^!.

In slightly better news, our team got 2nd place in Tuesday night’s competition and we’re in the lead in points out of all the teams that go to that pub. I guess this is because we’ve never missed a night, and all the other teams have missed at least one.

The bit below the “Read the rest of this post” may distress sensitive readers. Fair warning.