$2.7 million house listed with 0 bathroomsSometimes, it really pays to check the work the data entry operators are doing. No one’s going to buy a house with 0 bathrooms.  And what are you getting for $2.7 million if there are 0 bedrooms? Maybe the kitchen is enormous and really nice.

Monday was uneventful, mostly. There was some sort of screwup on the main website while all of us were in a meeting, which should be really entertaining when it gets dissected tomorrow in the meeting with everybody else. After work, when I went to refill a prescription, they said the computer system was down and they couldn’t accept my debit card. Things had been like that for the last several hours according to the pharmacy tech. However, the transaction was accepted when I swiped the card again and ran it as credit instead of debit. (If I’m remembering right, credit transactions are stored and batch processed later; debit transactions happen roughly instantaneously.) I noticed a couple of Qworst trucks out in front of the store as I was leaving. Phone line troubles would totally explain the problems with the debit card.